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Thread: Touareg with roof mounted caravan wind deflector!

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    Default Touareg with roof mounted caravan wind deflector!

    Hello Touareg & caravan lovers,
    Moved up to Touareg as tow vehicle and need to install an Aero brand wind deflector to these longitudinal roof racks ,may I have some advice regarding this?
    Some may suggest it’s a waste of effort for the returns expected, not me though as we’re so content with the deflector advantages,we wouldn’t tow without one fitted, Territory went so well and before that was the ford BA,Subaru all the way back to Mazda in 1985!

    Presently have a front mounted solar panel which needs deflector to prevent insect strike in addition to improved handling behaviour.
    This aero deflector requires additional widthways rack for fitting,though I’d check with your advice first?
    Hopefully I am not just single minded here!

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    Hi Mick, welcome to the forum.

    I'm with you, I can see the advantages of a reflector, but I think a lot of this will do with the shape of the car, in particular the rake of the windshield (and how it deflects the air over the car)..

    The Thule ones or ones from Yakima seem to be the most commons ones and have good reviews out there.

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    Thank you for your reply, yes I'm sold on these add on's despite the science and magic mirrors objections some people have about them.
    My situation is 2017 Touareg fitted with ProRack HD together with K385 fixing fittings , my concern is the Aero deflector fixing kit seems to be vary basic
    and once vehicle is underway I' m not confident about the security of the deflector's limited security.
    Lot's of stresses on the wind deflector together with the roof mounted length way bars, what your opinion and do you have some images of the type of securing fittings recommended?

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    Hello again,
    Well apparently I'm on my own with wanting to fit a wind deflector,I've ended using my pro rack HD roof rack (single one). Once fitted to the longitudinal roof bars the whole thing clears the sky roof which was great,wouldn't want to bugger that up on the roof racks!
    Just fitted one stainless plate 4mm with hole drilled for C/K hex key head bolt on each rack fitting , easy as I'm able to slide the wind deflector
    along to suit and tighten.
    Very secure arrangement to suit my solar panels (insect free) and keep the van clean together with so much better vehicle handling, picture to follow.Thanks for your thoughts and potential good deeds!

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    Morning Again,
    All fixed now!
    Dear Touareg/caravan nears,
    Today’s trip was to Rutherglen (where they have nice wine),installed the purple-line Aero plus wind deflector/air foil and used the recommended towing mirrors (fit on the car mirror-Aero type).
    I had trouble fitting these mirrors because of the ridge on the Touareg mirrors, resolved by using 5mm splined (fly wire screen stuff),this provided a parallel surface for the clamps to securely tighten onto, so easy!
    I checked the twelve pin connector and found the auto sparky had used 8 for + and 10 for -,just changed over to 10&9 to match the van, all good.
    I then measured the vans parallel stance,600mm on each corner, couldn’t ask better than that.This dropped the cars rear by 40mm,air suspension pumped back to level,how great are these Touareg!
    Driving to Rutherglen was a dream run, despite the dodgy road surface that air suspension soaked up all bumps and bounces!
    Today’s weather is the first day we’ve seen a blue sky after three weeks of smoke!
    Such a lovely direction to take the van , solar panel didn’t move an inch and remained insect free due to the air foil.
    Acceleration is both smooth and powerful despite our 2400kg Evernew, this van now tows so well and more so particularly towed by the Touareg.
    Interested to find that during towing the van , the Touareg wouldn’t go past 7th gear presumably because of the smart tow tow bar connecting.

    Heather and I have successful bonded with this Touareg/Evernew combination.

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    nice one Mick... One day.... I look forward to be able to do this... then again, I don't think my Audi S5 will be up to the task!!

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