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    Hi guys,
    New to the forum. Been very helpful so far. I just recently bought a Jetta 06 TDI. The previous owner bought it standard. I was wondering if I would still be able to install the genuine sat nav/cd unit and bluetooth for the phone. The Steering wheel buttons for bluetooth are already there.
    Has anyone seen this done or is it too expensive.
    What are my options???

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    Bluetooth can be retro-fitted easily with the existing radio unit.

    I'm not too certain about the Sat-Nav, as I believe the antennae required are factory-fit only.

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    hi Umai Naa. Thanks for the reply. do you know how much it would cost to get the bluetooth fitted and would that be a genuine part?? Also where would you get this done in Melb? Dealer???

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    Not sure what the kit is worth. Expect it to be over $250 installed.

    It's a genuine Nokia part, which is specific to Volkswagen.

    I would strongly recommend that a dealer fits it, as a couple of control modules nead to be configured using the VW diagnostic equipment. With this, it wont work.

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    We can help you with genuine navigation install - the antennae installs in the dash.

    Works & wires up 100% factory, so if you fit the "factory" bluetooth, it will be exactly the same.

    Send us an email & we will send you the pricing on the navigation -

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    Another general Sat Nav query. I'm sure i was told this by the dealer but I can't remember where to download map updates. I've got a Mk7 Golf R if that matters. Sydney based. Any direction would be appreciated?

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