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Thread: Thoughts on the Mk6 103TDI

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    Hi Guys
    Looking to upgrade my car soon (I currently have an 06 Ford Fiesta LX) and I'm actively considering getting the MK6 103TDI Golf and i was wondering what the general opinion on the Mk6 103TDI was and if you've owned one before what do you think of it?

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    IMO a lot a depends on whether your going for a DSG or manual (I don't like the DSG) my daughter has had several Golfs, @ present has a MK6 R with a manual which is a ripper, another one she had was a MK7 with the DSG this didn't stay long in her hands from new . Another one she had was a MK5 GTD but it was modified too much & that one left her hands also soon after. I've had a drive in all her Golfs & the best one she had was a new MK5 TDI manual, (she is still sorry that she sold that one). it's just the low down torque for every day driving, I loved that one.
    She's had more cars than I've had trips to the toilet.
    P.S. The MK6 is the best looking of all Golfs because of the tail lights, they don't look like a maccano set or a jigsaw puzzle piece pushed in.
    All the best in your choosing & this is just my opinion.
    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    good cars, but check up on the DPF issues that some have. If you have to replace them, it's expensive...

    As always, get the car scanned with VCDS/Vagcom, and/or take it to your independent to get a comprehensive test..

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