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Thread: Passat cc v6 FSI - ECU

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    Default Passat cc v6 FSI - ECU

    My son has a problem, with a badly corroded ECU his Passat CC V6 FSI.
    It's a pity they located the ECU, under the where will we locate it?...where it's most vulnerable, of course.

    The car has been in permanent limp mode, for about 3 months....while we investigated, what the diagnostic tool error codes were indicating....a malfunctioning High Pressure Fuel Pump....we pulled the pump out. Took it apart, inspected it (no apparent issues), cleaned it etc...stuck it back in....same error codes.

    Started looking elsewhere and found that the ECU is stuffed.
    Called VW...none in Australia....will need to order and will arrive in 6 weeks.
    Tried some Wreckers, to no avail.

    Does anyone have a known source, for an ECU, with the part number 03H906023L.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Did a quick look on ebay, only one I can see in the states:


    Might be worth getting on to one of the world forums (vwvortex etc) and see if you can find somebody who can find one out of the UK that is the 'similar' number but can be programmed to suit your car...

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