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Thread: Polo 9N3 for sale.

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    Default Polo 9N3 for sale.


    The Little Blue Girl is for sale sadly.
    Not advertised anywhere else just yet.
    She presents like new.
    90,000 km's.
    Spare gearbox with standard diff.
    Spare 8" rims.
    Plus various bits.
    She is for the mechanically minded chap with a couple of things to do to her.
    $10,000 with 12 months NSW rego.


    Life of the Girl.
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    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    on to a new one mate???

    Somebody is going to pickup a great car that has been loved...

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    Just got too many rego's, it will be a sad day for me..
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    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    yeah, I haven't got there yet (too many cars), but would if I didn't want to retain my marriage..

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