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Thread: Timing belt change. 1.9 TDI Caddy

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    Default Timing belt change. 1.9 TDI Caddy

    This is regarding my new (to me) 2007 1.9 TDI Caddy. Its almost due for a timing belt change. I'm NOT a mechanic.
    Over the years, I've successfully changed timing chains on older cars several times and timing belts on a Toyota HiAce van twice before, but I've never done one on an East West engine.
    I've looked at a couple of Youtube video's and it does look a bit more complicated than the Toyota, but I'd appreciate your advice.
    I follow instructions well (Ex military, lol) and have a workshop manual in the post right now.
    So what do you say? .....Should I give it a go, or should I leave it to an expert?

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    get a kit that includes water pump replacement. i had mechanic do mine....but its up to you

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