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Thread: New here, and to my '07 Caddy

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    Default New here, and to my '07 Caddy


    Because I've just bought a 2007, 1.9 TDI Caddy, my 1st VW, I've joined this forum.
    Even though the Caddy's got a few problems, I am really enjoying it. It'll probably sound strange, but I find it to be a lot of fun to drive. But I need some direction with the problems and I wonder if you can give me some advice please?

    1) The first is that its just about due for a timing belt replacement. I have done this successfully a couple of times before, but on a Nth-Sth engined Toyota HiAce van, never on an East West engine. So can you give me an idea of its degree of difficulty please? Along with any other advice.....would be most welcome. Thanks

    2) When I bought the Caddy the bigger cooling fan would come on with the ignition. Even when cold. The smaller fan wouldn't, because it was seized solid. I bought a used fan assembly and after bench testing it, replaced the whole thing, only to find that they wont switch on at all. When making the swap I noticed that someone in its past, had jerry'd the wiring connector plug and jammed it in back to front, probably in order to get the fans to work. Now that its hooked up the right way around, they wont work at all.
    I have a mobile Auto Electrician coming in a few days to have a look at it but will call him off if you can suggest a possible cause that I am able to rectify easily.

    I look forward to being a member of this forum. Going by the length of time I own vehicles, it's looking like I'll be here a while. In that time I hope to absorb heaps of info and you never know, I might be able to contribute something too.


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    I gad a 2008 Caddy 1.9 which i turned into a great little camper... pics in forum......enjoyed that van very much...yeah Eddy couldn't help myself

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    Hi Rob, and welcome... The timing belt is beyond my skill set unfortunately, but the fan issue might just be a fuse issue (eg, it blew, then the old owner just tried to hardwire it), that's where I would start..

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    Thanks Folks,

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