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Thread: Steering wheel removal

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    Default Steering wheel removal

    Ok I give up. How do you get the steering wheel off a ‘74 Beetle? No grub screw, release screw, nothing under the boss cover plate. Any suggestions? 065BE5A3-986C-4CCD-9B61-977D1900EC36.jpg

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    I can't help with that one, it would be good if Guy Harding hopped on to help, he had VW wrecking yards @ one time & is the sponsor of this site.
    Hooroo. Eddy
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    looks similar to yours......check it out

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    Thanks. The YouTube vid gave me enough of a clue to work it out. Each corner of the four ‘spokes’ on the plastic cover is suspended on a short coil spring for the horn action, and has small plastic tangs protruding from the spring mounting which have to be pried out. Then the plastic cover rotates 90 degrees and comes out.

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    Plastic wheel cover with tiny coil spring ‘towers’ visible in each corner of the cover.

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    Cover removed. Now for the wheel. Unfortunately I don’t have a socket that big, for the central nut. Nor can I measure it, way down inside that recessed column. Will see if I can get a shifter onto it, then measure, unless someone knows the nut size so I can buy the correct socket.

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    he said 27mm in the video I think

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    Thanks for advice. I got a pointy nosed shifter in the steering wheel hub and measured it as a 24mm. Up to ‘73 I think they were 27mm. Went and bought a corresponding socket. The wheel came off easy, after carefully marking the spline at Top dead centre with a marker. That’ll help with aligning the new one.

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    Looks like this is going to be a massive research project as much as it will be a hands-on project :-)

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