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    Hi I’m looking at a 73 Beetle in Melbourne for a resto project. It has fair bit of rust along bottoms of doors and body to floor pan joins. At what point is rust terminal and the car unrecoverable?
    Im looking for a project car for my daughter. I’m not a mechanic, but have basic mechanical understanding, time and space to work on the car.
    I’m hoping to find a ‘71-‘76 Beetle that’s not rusted to hell that I can fix up and get to a functional standard.
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    Hard to say, but go with ya gut feeling.
    Hooroo. Eddy
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    Thanks. Gut feeling is it can be repaired.

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    Looks like we snared a great 74 1303 Beetle. Awesome car. Pick it up Friday. Good condition, minor rust, lots of work done. Ideal project car. Its cool.

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    Good on ya.
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    Nice one.

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