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Thread: 1980 T3 Camper - cold start issue

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    Default 1980 T3 Camper - cold start issue

    Hi Guys,

    Not been on here for a long time, but just bought ourselves a T3 camper, and it is a real bugger to get started some days.

    Will crank over fine, but not fire, and theres a fair smell of unburnt petrol. Some days how ever it fires up all good.

    Bit of info on the engine, its the 2L air cooled one, with dual carbies. I've had the plugs out and checked them and they seem fine.

    Any really obvious things to look for? Its getting to be beyond a joke now.



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    Before ya spend too many $'s try some "Fuel Doctor" & follow the dosage, available @ auto accessories or truck supply's, it's good stuff.
    Hooroo. Eddy
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