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Thread: fuel economy new tiguan 162 TSI R

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    Default fuel economy new tiguan 162 TSI R

    Hi everyone.I am seriously thinking of buying the new 162 TSI R Tiguan,the fuel consumption that vw tells you is 8.1 L/100km.I would really appreciate it if any owners out there could advise me of the
    real world fuel consumption I could expect. A lot of my driving is city, but I do drive reasonably gently in those conditions.
    Thanking you in advance.By the way I am a newbe to this forum and have never owned a VW before, but I do love the look of this car though!
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    Welcome a board bud, but I can't help on this one.
    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    Default fuel economy follow up.

    Thanks Eddy Hoyhoy, unfortunately nobody else could help either.So kindly Solitaire In Adelaide threw me the keys for a couple of days to check the economy which is important to me as iam a part time Uber driver and need reasonable fuel economy as Uber are such tight asses to drive for but thats another story.
    The economy turned out pretty good between 9L/100k and 10/100k it also handled well and to be honest I loved it! well appointed and fairly quick. Loved it so much a motor cycle cop picked me up for speeding... 15km over and a $431 fine ...not happy. Anyway I put a deposit on the new Tiggy and have about a 5 month wait. Might have paid the fine off by then.

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