Six speed Sports auto box for sale.

A few years ago I bought a T5 Multivan 2.5 Diesel with an AW 6 Speed Auto. The receipts that came with the vehicle showed that the gearbox had been rebuilt at a cost of about $6000 about 60k prior. After a couple of years usage it began to slur the change from 2nd to 3rd. I decided that a new set of solenoids would cure the problem so I bought and fitted them. The problem remained and I lost confidence and bought a second hand box and fitted it. I have since found out that the problem was almost certainly caused by the coating coming off the valves and causing them to slow down in their operation. I did notice when I changed over the solenoids that one of the valves was a bit slow but did nothing about it.

I have a mate with a Citroen with a similar 6 speed AW in which the box was behaving very badly and a local Auto. Trans. bloke did a valve body exchange, which completely cured it, for $1500. I believe that the same would apply to the T5 box.

I have since sold the T5 but have the original gearbox complete with the new set of solenoids, and the old ones in the boxes, and the computer that belongs with the box. I would like to recoup some of my losses by selling the whole lot for a reasonable amount, think four figures. Located on the Bayside in Brisbane.
Contact Allen 0428550855.