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    Hey guys,

    Where do i start? VW, simply the best vehicles on the planet beautiful from all angles and anything from a city car to a country lane car! I own a Golf GTI 2014 model and before that i owned the 2010 model and the Passat all great cars never let me down and always looking good. Anyway in my own time my hobby is model building and when i come on this forum i was over the moon that there was a model section. I collect anything from models i build myself to ready built metal models and my problem has come which i new was coming. The local model shop has ran out of models in both sections, ready built and build yourself (gutted) To be honest i'm not all that good with the internet i had to get a friend to get me to this point haha i was searching on VW models classified ads sites, for sale sites and model shops that i can visit, so far not a great deal has come up for me. obviously i have found a few shops in the next couple of towns over which is great and i am going to check them out soon. What i could do with from you guys is some websites with a large option of models to choose from and that are possible to order which would be a bonus. I will place some pictures below of the kinda things i collect to give you an idea...


    And the list goes on... Any information would be greatly appreciated guys!! looking forward to chatting to everyone!!


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    I had a number of Porsche models, but when I moved into my traveling/campervan pastime, I gave them to my great nephews to play with.....and they got played with *L*

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    That's real nice of you to do that!! I'm sure there in good hands

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    For all the readers and interested ones i have found some great model cars at the link below, check it out and tell me what you think!!! there are loads of different brands from VW to Alfa Romeo!!!

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    nice one..

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