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    Unitronic prides itself on providing the highest quality Performance Software & Hardware products, engineered to maximize performance, while maintaining complete OEM-like reliability and drivability from your V.A.G. brand vehicle. Unitronic’s complete catalog of Performance Software and Hardware products are designed to work harmoniously; allowing its Clients to progressively upgrade their vehicle’s performance at their convenience. With each and every one of our Performance Products, you will recognize Unitronic’s passion for perfection.

    Performance – Quality – Reliability


    There’s nothing better than feedback from Clients who have already chosen Unitronic Performance Software and Hardware. While it’s often hard to translate into words, we encourage you to watch the videos below and see how these Clients’ candid reactions after their vehicle was tuned with Unitronic Performance Software.

    Follow us on Youtube to see our latest videos. Event coverage, Research and Development sneak peek and new product launches awaits you on the Unitronic Youtube channel.

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    Hmm, where is this leading to.
    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    Good to hear, me will change over as well then.
    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    Sorry, I didn't mean I am :-)

    However, I'm keeping my options open. The S5 is 'ok' but I don't think it's 100% with the supercharger...

    Clutch is slipping already (it will do that with close to 600 HP)... so if/when I get a new one, I'll put it on the dyno and check out the tune properly.

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