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Thread: Hello! Anyone in here?

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    Default Hello! Anyone in here?

    Bookmarked this site a few weeks ago because I was looking to buy a 2nd hand Tiguan. Kept checking regularly but all I hear are crickets.

    Fast forward a few weeks and I've added a MY 13.5 TDI Tiguan to the stable and I have a few questions - butů..

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    go ahead mate.... I am sure someone will answer your questions.....not me... don't know anything about Tiguans

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    hello Sweep... yeah, still trying to drump up members... Had lots of for ages, then they dropped off. Need to do a push again :-)

    Shouldn't stop you from asking questions though ;-)

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    Ok then. the car I got has had some odour issues. At first I thought it had been a smokers car and the dealer had gone nuts with a deodoriser. I commented on it prior to purchase and they did a reasonable job of replace one smell with a nicer smell. However, 2 weeks later the smell is lingering and when the AC is turned on the smell is positively vile. It fades a bit and is bearable after a while but after a few days it's back when you first turn AC on.
    I believe the fresh air intake has a (pollen?) filter can someone explain how this can be accessed to either clean or replace. I could get the dealer to do it but I'm a DIY type of guy and I'd like to make sure it's done.

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    Oh, one other thing. It's quite likely that this would be covered in a workshop manual. Anyone know of a link to a suitable manual on line?

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    Pollen Filters are generally at the base of the windscreens, under the black plastic panel.

    Should be relatively easy to DIY, just a pain.


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    Thanks, Maris. Yes, I found it and replaced it after running around without one for a few weeks to determine it was the source of the odours. Solved the smell issue and it's all good.

    Good to know someone else visits here sometimes. I've checking in every few days for months and all i get is 'crickets'.

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