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Thread: Caddy High Level Brake Light Cracking

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    There was a short discussion on the Caddy2k forum on this where a number of Caddy owners had experienced the high level brake light cracking.

    Around a year ago, I discovered mine had cracked and I put it down to a tradie hitting it with something like a scaffolding plank, as I had seen a near miss in a car park.

    It turns out that it is a design flaw where the light does not match the curvature of the tailgate, and if the attaching screws are done up tight, then flexing, or even high temperatures could result in it cracking.

    It might seem trivial, but a replacement costs over $100 if you can buy one in Australia (the dealer was prepared to order one, as long as they fitted it as well, and charged for it). I ended up having to import one from Germany via a cousin in the UK as the German reseller would not ship to Australia, and the whole exercise set me back 50 GBP.

    The first light that cracked was the one fitted when I bought the vehicle new. This was the one I purchased from Germany, and then less than 9 months later, that cracked as well. VW Group Australia asked for the vehicle to be inspected at a dealer. This was done on August 25, and the dealer agreed it was not impact damage. When I left where I was working to have it inspected, there was a pre-facelift Caddy van of a tradie parked behind me, so I asked him how often he had replaced his. He confidently said he had never had a problem, so I went with him to the back of his Caddy to show him where he should look out for a crack, and he was shocked to find that his had cracked right where the first crack usually appears (vertically in the middle).

    It is now a month later, and although the dealer has said the information and report had been passed on, VW Group Australia are refusing to do anything at all. They will not say one way or the other.

    So, has anyone discovered they have a cracked high level brake light on their Caddy? It seems to be more common on ones with tailgates rather than barn doors.
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    I have had the same thing happen on my Caddy Maxi.... there was definitely no impact damage it just cracked, well in my case the lower edge and the right side fell off. I got a new one from ebay for about $43, still haven't installed it but is looks the goods. No postage on this one either. But it seems like it is a design fault and VW should be doing all it can to make their customers happy. I got a quote from Austral Motors in Brisbane for $73 for genuine but that was a while ago. Shame on VW for making profits out of poor fitting parts......

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    this is the site I purchased my light from...

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    Yes, this is where I have ordered mine from as well.

    The thing is that we should not have to be doing this. It is a faulty design, and VW should be rectifying it at their expense totally. Instead, they pretend to show concern and then hope everyone goes away and they can continue to rip owners off.

    I am in the process of preparing an engineering report on this to pass on to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport as this is covered by ADR60. What's worse is that VW know about this as they have to replace these lights on brand new vehicles before they are sold.

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