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Thread: Buying a classic 1974 beetle sedan

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    Default Buying a classic 1974 beetle sedan

    Hi everyone!

    I'm about to buy a classic beetle 1974 ( sedan 2doors 1600cc) here in Victoria.
    It looks great, the inside has been completely renovated: cream and red seats and doors, the body is in very good conditions, no rust or bumps on the paint underneath the doors, the owner told me he's redonne the paint (cream)himself 5years ago. He did a good job but from closer, you can tell it hasn't been done by a professional. I took it for a drive and it seems to run like a clock and the engine looks really clean...

    Now, the odometer is stuck and has been for a while, there's a strong petrol smell inside when i drive , and i noticed one bump on the paint at the back of the vehicle ( probably rust that's about to pop out). Also the engine hasn't been changed to run on unleaded so we still have to add a few mls of lead every time we fill up the tank.

    He told me that the roadworthy is ok and the car had just been serviced. It comes with 4 new tyres a pioneer cd player and 4 speakers, and a rego till december...

    My question is, being new in the vidub world, how much would you pay for it? I know it's a bit hard to tell with just a description like that but is the petrol smell a big issue? Is the "home done "paint playing on the value of the car? What about the stuck odometer?

    If anyone could help, any advice, anything really,i would really appreciate that. I've been struggling for a while trying to find informations on the value of this model.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Buying a classic 1974 beetle sedan

    Sounds like a few issues to be concerned with.. (especially the paint)

    Get it checked out (visually) by somebody who rely knows what they are taking about.... Then again, if it's cheap, and you have the money, it could be a good investment..

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    My Advice - contact Dean @ Volkspower - 03 9808 6777 & get an expert opinion on the condition & price before you purchase!

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