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    HI , new to the forum , I have a 1958 Bug Aussie assembled. our family is the second owner, we purchased her from an old lady in the 80's with 13000mle on the clock, the bug was for my eldest sisters first car. to cut a long story short she ran up the end of a car and a 4x4 ran up her, shortened the poor bugger each end and the insurance rode it off, Dad and myself bought it back for $100 and because the car was in such good nick prior we restored her back to painted running order. that was in 1990. Since the rearender ,the 4x4 mangled the orig motor so we dropped in a used one out of a burnt combi. it has been a regular then backup car ever since. paint is still good, and everything else is orig but i want to give the drive line some attention that it never had back in the day.

    I was hopeing some forum users could shed some light on what i have. and confirm my car year and such.

    body # 211xxxx
    chassis stamp in body under hood C17850 not sure what this reference is to

    still has semaphores so think these ran out in 1959
    from what ive read coral red wasnt offered in the Aussie colour lineup , could this colour still be bought here ?

    replacement engine # DS79037P( It has the vw replacement case symbol) i cant find anything to date it.
    other spare engine # F054423 this was from a combi also ,
    can anyone shed sone light on the size and what they were orig out of. both single carbi.

    Regards Paul

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    Welcome paulaustralia!

    I'm getting a bit rusty on my aircooled knowledge, but I have owned over a hundred aircooled's over the years (now cured of the habit).

    Certainly the body number with a "C" (usually ink stamped behind the dash if original paint is available) used to stand for "CKD" or "Completely Knocked Down" kits where it came in kit form from Wolfsburg & was assembled in Clayton, Victoria.

    Personally i have not seen an AU delivered "Coral" colored car.

    I think AUS made beetles started in ~ 1962.

    "F" Prefix engines were 1300cc single ports (from Beetles)

    DS I'm not familiar with, but if you attach pics of both engines, we should be able to identify pretty quickly.

    This is a guide:


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    Thanks heaps for ya info , ill clean up the serials and send some pics in ,, also get some of the colour, definately aussie delivered with the C code then and it has VDO Australia on the speedo and a Aussie speaker , still have the orig radio ill dig that up and have a look.

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    I had a 59...first car..that pic of the engine brings back memories....

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    That looks like a 40hp (1200cc) 6V period engine to me - factory reco at one stage.

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    These links may also assist in identifying the year.

    Alternatively come to a or meeting.
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