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Thread: advice on 1973 Kombi needed

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    Default advice on 1973 Kombi needed

    My Brother recently passed away and has left me his 1973 2ltr auto Kombi.
    I do not know much about them.
    Does anyone know what it would be worth or how much to restore etc etc.
    It was driven up to 2 months ago.

    Any interest is welcome.

    Cheers ,
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    I don't know too much about them, accept that they seem to be gaining in value & this one looks straight.
    Hooroo. Eddy
    06 Shadow Blue POLO GTI

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    Firstly, sorry to hear about your brother..

    Secondly, start to look for details of year, model etc..... There is a very active community out there that can help you... I would join and put a post on ( great forum, and lots of people to help you for your exact car...

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    Looks nice, as long as its not rusty, probably a good thing to restore.

    they can be expensive, panel & paint (they are huge) and you can soak up a lot of cash in mechanicals. A good VW specialist is what you need & take their advice on it.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks , I will be having a better look at it soon and checking things out.
    Please keep posting if anyone is interested.

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