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Thread: My Ruby Red (Old Timer's 1963 Ruby Red Beetle)

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    The old swingaxle caught a lot of people out - going to fast, back off & the wheels tuck under - over you go - been there, done that.

    Ralph Nadar was still trying to have them banned in 1971.,6284145

    I had a Tatraplan T600 with swing axles & leaf spring front end - now THAT had interesting handling.

    The original Tatra reputedly killed more Nazi officers than the British army:

    So many Nazi officers were killed by spinning out while cornering, that the car was dubbed the “Czech Secret Weapon” and the mass deaths cause Adolph Hitler to forbid his officers to drive the car."

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    Default chison car

    Thanks... that was interesting about that Chison car... jeezz a V8. And on the swing axle - yep was very important to keep the power on. I think they bought out some kind of cross spring over the top of the engine to hold the axle in place. Never saw one but was interested at one time.

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    "Camber Compensator" they used to call that - I have a 356 one sitting in my workshop

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    Default compensator

    well there ya go.. I had been thinking of it fitting over the motor. Always wondered where they would fit it...thanks for that mate!

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    Cool Beetle
    + Ben +

    1961 Karmann Ghia Coupe [Family Project]
    2005 Golf TDI Comfortline [Mum's]
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    Default cool

    Quote Originally Posted by phaeton View Post
    Cool Beetle
    I certainly thought so.... and thanks for moving it its rightful place....
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