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Thread: My Beetle brake problem

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    Hello, My name is Stephen and I own a Gulf Blue 1962 VW Beetle.

    My problem is thus: With help, I have replaced all slave brake cylinders, and flexible hoses, and merely removed and inspected the master cylinder, which was ok. When it comes to bleeding the system, though I don't see it for myself, it seems the flow of brake fluid is restricted somehow to the rear and the fluid doesn't come out as nicely as it should! There are no leaks. What could be the problem? One suggestion is that the piston in the master cylinder isn't retracting fast enough for the fluid to be drawn out of the reservoir to replace the fluid being lost? another, and i noticed this when I was under the car was that we're starting at the right rear, not left rear? or it there something in the way the brakes a bled, the whole, push down, release bleeder valve, close valve and let the pedal return? Please help!!

    Regards Stephen

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    If its still the original single circuit system, then check thoroughly all the lines. They notoriously had "crumbly" rubber fluid reservoir lids that bits of rubber fell into the master cylinder.

    To be honest, Mastercylinders & components for the 62' are so dirt cheap, I would be inclined to replace it with a new one, check all the components & whilst its off, blow the lines out with air. Probably after 50 years of service, its about time to do it!

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    P.S. bleeding left or right rear would not effect the outcome too much!

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