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Greetings from yet another noob

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  • Greetings from yet another noob

    Howdy all, I’m a noob here having bought my first VW a few weeks back.
    i have driven many VWs over my 50 years + driving history but they’ve been owned by friends, various girlfriends and one wife.
    I found myself in the market for a new (to me) car in early January and after lots of looking and with a small budget to work with ended up buying a 2007 Golf 2 litre TDI 6 speed manual.
    The car looks good and drives well but since buying it I have discovered it has a coolant issue. More on that later as this is an introductory message.
    i am no longer a youngster, i live in the inner west of Sydney and have many hobbies, from computes (most if my professional life was spent in I.T. management), gardening, music (mostly listening though some playing guitar), driving & tinkering with things mechanical. I hope to learn a few things here about routine naintenance and how to look after my newish toy.
    it’s a pleasure to be here

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    Nice car, as long as you fix up the various issues over the years (nothing should be major) then they should run forever... Not sure on the timing chain/belt etc, but that's one that you should definately make sure if always kept up to date.

    I've got a 2009 S3, 240,000+ kays, still going well (ok, so had some small issues, but nothing major!)