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Tiguan Haldex Clutch Pump Replacement?

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  • Tiguan Haldex Clutch Pump Replacement?

    I have a 2014 Tiguan, and at a regular service the mechanic discovered the system is showing a static fault with the Haldex Clutch Pump that cannot be cleared. Was advised to order a (expensive) replacement pump, or my car will only run on 2WD. Couple of questions
    1. I donít need AWD, so wonder if I can avoid replacement. Will other damage be caused to my car when driving with a damaged clutch pump?
    2. Even if Iím willing to fix the problem, does it need to be a replacement? Iíve done a search and this seems be a recurring issue with Tiguan that arises due to the pump filter? Found an article that says a new pump may just fail again if the filter is not properly cleaned.
    3. Could a Haldex oil change fix the problem? Read some posts to this effect, and my mechanic did say the oil change was supposed to be performed as part of this service, but they did not do it as itís pointless since the pump itself is faultyÖ?