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ozVolks Used Car Guides (Type 1J) Bora 1999-2005

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  • ozVolks Used Car Guides (Type 1J) Bora 1999-2005

    1999-2005 Bora (Type 1J) 2.0, 2.3 V5 (110kW), 2.3 V5 GLE (125kW), 2.8 V6 4Motion

    If you have owned or own one of the models above; please state your experience with the Bora negatives and positives .

    Also fill in the below blanks like below

    Model: Bora 2,0
    Engine: 2.0 with 85kW
    Year: 2004
    Any Problems ?: tyres fell off
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    Model: Bora V6 4Motion
    Engine: 2.8L V6, 150kW, 270Nm
    Year: 2003
    Any problems: Original suspension had given in the ghost by 90,000km when I bought it. Lowered suspension that replaced it resulted in significant negative camber (~3) at the rears, required adjustable arms to rectify. Fuse/terminal box above battery already replaced before I got the car (common fault). Haven't (yet, touch wood!) had issues with doors or windows.


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      ozVolks Used Car Guides (Type 1J) Bora 1999-2005

      03 bora v6 4 motion . Had it 5 years. 150000

      Great car, hasn't left me on the side of the road . Suspension ok original .
      Likes: split fold rear seats. Lively n fun to drive . Chain timing gear not belt. Heated seats sun roof etc good options . Easy on fuel for a six . Great tyre life n brake pad life . Have Replaced bushes front n back . Rear door actuator . Vacuum hose from brake booster split ( plastic) replaced it with a rubber hose. Some other vacuum lines were loose fitting so put clamps on them . Change oil regularly , coolant gearbox p/ steer diff etc . Clean throttle body regularly also. Had a coil pack go so just replaced the lot used genuine coils expensive but far more Relaible and better quality than cheap ones .Goes good , Negatives: Climate control so so but as is all euro cars. Our falcon aircon gives Antarctic blast n heater like a furnace . That's the only down side but all euro's like that. No real aftermarket parts have to go to vw for suspension parts . Reaspnbly priced. Must give vin number and in some cases engine number to ensure you get the right part. They can use rego if car hasn't been re registered. Is a must to provide vin when ordering parts.
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