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Help needed with Passat info

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  • Help needed with Passat info

    Hi we currently own a Tiguan TDI however my wife has Multiple Sclerosis and we need a larger car to modify for her to drive, and to fit a mobility scooter in the back. We're hoping to still be a VW family and a Passat wagon looks like it might fit the bill. The car would need to be no more than 3 years old (as we're getting some financial assistance with the driver mods and they won't help with a car over 3yo) so we are looking at a minimum cost late 2014 model - but I need some more info and would be grateful if anyone could assist with the following:
    1. What are the dimensions both length and width (between wheel arches) of the wagon cargo area with the rear seat up?
    2. Do the all have a power operated opening and closing tailgate or was this an option/on some only? (this is a must as my wife can no longer do this on her own)
    3. Do they all have auto headlights and auto wipers? (we have these on our current car and she'll need them on this one too)
    4. Do they all have reversing camera?

    We're hoping to get another TDI but this may not be possible within our budget. Is there anything I should be aware of or avoid, particularly with the petrol engines?

    Many thanks in anticipation for your help

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    there are probably a few spec models with the passat, so question 2 might be yes/no depending on what model you get.

    Might be a good idea to pick a good one on carsales then check with the reseller on the options above and dimensions. If they are keen to sell, the will kindly check the dimensions for you (send an email to 2 or 3 of them to compare results).