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How do I work out what Passat I have.

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  • How do I work out what Passat I have.

    A possibly silly question, I know, but I'm trying to get an insurance quote for my '12 Passat 1.8 TSI (petrol) Wagon and I've been asked to choose between the following types in a drop down menu:

    • Highline
    • S
    • SE
    • Sport

    I have no idea what these mean and none of the paperwork I have with the car mentions any of these four types.

    By the time I am getting asked this, I have already broken it down to petrol (not diesel), auto (not manual) and engine size of 1798cc (which rules out the diesel and the V6).

    On the documents that came with the car it says "Passat Type 3C MY12.5 118TSI Wagon 4dr DS".

    Any ideas which one is mine?
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    do you have a manual, which includes the trim colour, options etc? If you have then, then ringing any dealer should be able to tell you what version the car is :-)


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      P.M. me your VIN number & I'll see if I can help


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        Pas 1.jpgPas 2.jpgPas 3.jpg now unfortunately these dont go into "Highline" "Trendline" etc as they seem to be local sales marketing terms not used by VW Germany.

        Another source of information is "Redbook" that might help you.

        Hope that helps!