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Aftermarket 06 Jetta headlight options

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  • Aftermarket 06 Jetta headlight options

    New poster here, but plenty of time spent on Subaru forums.

    I'm looking for aftermarket headlight options for my Aus del 2006 VW Jetta 2.0t. (are Golf GTI headlights from similar years interchangeable?)

    Could not find any similar threads that may already exist.

    Looking for recommendations from personal experiences, high quality product, projector, HID, LED options, etc. etc.

    I'm sure there would be a lot of people with helpful advise on this forum.


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    Guys - any help would be good..


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      Ebay has truckloads of them, but the quality varies enormously. They are the same as MK5 Golf, so you will be safe there.

      Good brands are "DEPO" & HELLA" - that will be your best bet.

      Essentially you get what you pay for so beware of the cheapies!


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        Thanks for your help.

        Looking for a quality product so not going to bother with cheapies..!

        I'm having trouble finding a supplier of RHD headlights, most suppliers i have contacted seem to cater for the US market only with LHD vehicles.

        Trying to find a UK supplier??


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          UK would obviously be good - some of them you could switch from LHD to RHD, but I can't remember now (but wouldn't bet on it).

          There are probably a lot of genuine ones scattered around wrecking yards these days, but you would have to spend a lot of time chasing them down!

          Keep your eyes on ebay, a lot of wreckers are using it as an advertising medium to get the word out!